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Angus Certified Beef ™ - Promise of Quality



The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is the world's premier brand of beef. We require superior standards for marbling, tenderness and leanness. Angus-influenced cattle are evaluated by the USDA*, not in-house graders or plant employees.


Only 8% of beef makes the grade.

Predominantly black cattle are identified (purebred Angus, as well as cattle exhibiting Angus-influenced characteristics). USDA graders then evaluate them on the following science-based criteria:



Marbling is the main contributor to beef's juiciness and flavor. Finer texture ensures great taste in every bite.

Modest or higher marbling

Medium to fine marbling texture



Youthful, maturity ensures superior color, texture, and firmness.

"A" maturity (both lean and skeletal maturity)



Product consistency specifications provide a more uniform portion size and improved plate appearance by eliminating extreme outliers.


Ribeye area: 10 to 16 square inches


Carcass weight: Less than 1,000 pounds


External fat limits: Less than 1 inch


Quality Appearance & Assured Tenderness


Uniform plate presentation, quality appearance, and additional safeguards for tenderness are provided by requiring:


Moderately thick or thicker muscling


Practically free of capillary rupture in the ribeye


No dark cutting


No neck hump exceeding 2 inches in height


Steers and heifers only



Sourced from 29 plants. Has a combined 80 percent share of the U.S., fed cattle packing base.


*Brand standards are evaluated by the Canadian Beef Grading Agency in Canada.

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